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Help Keep Kids Safe During a Pandemic!

Kids need the Club now more than ever. They need YOU to help keep our doors opened.

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Help provide safe and secure out-of-school programming for kids who need it most!

This pandemic will continue to test us as we fight to keep our kids safe. I know the need for our services will only continue to grow into 2022. I hope you can donate to our annual Kid’s Campaign.

For over 120 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania has been helping children in need to stay off the streets and out of trouble during the crucial out-of-school time frame where trouble tends to occur.

This past year has changed all of us. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in our community causing grief, panic, loss of income, loss of loved ones, and so much more. Kids need the Club now more than ever for their mental and physical health. When majority of our local schools became virtual, the Club remained opened and helped our members during this time of uncertainty and change.

Children need hope! They need to have a place to go to after school; they need to burn off their anxiety with physical fitness activities; they need mentors and friends; and so forth. Each day the Club brings children hope. We are now opened after school where they will find helpful and caring staff members all while being safe during this pandemic. We have instituted so many safety protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of the children and staff.

Our annual Kid’s Campaign will allow us to continue providing our much-needed services in 2022. We need YOU now more than ever to allow us to keep our doors opened during this pandemic.